Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Funny Girl

Yesterday while sitting on the floor playing with blocks:

Me to Selina: "My foot's falling asleep" (I adjust my position)

A few minutes later: (Selina stands up and sighs) "My foot's falling asleep, I think it's trying to take a nap...Yeah, my foot is trying to take a nap."


Jeff (husband) said...

Then last sunday when we were living church people would come up and say, "Merry Christmas."

After several friends made the seasonal comment, Selina turns to us and asks,"Where's Mary Christmas?"

She's a bunch of fun. I never would have thought I would have so much fun with a little girl. Besides my lovely wife, she's my best friend!

Happy Huntings said...

okay, could this possibly be any more adorable. I just can't wait to see these adorable girls!!