Thursday, March 17, 2011

Selina Quotes of the Day

Selina just keeps me laughing, so I wanted to document some of the funny things she said today.

On the way to the grocery store:

Selina: "Are you sure you want to do this?" (this is a new phrase of hers)
Me: (Confused) "Yes, why do you ask?"
Selina: "It would be a lot easier if you had Dad's help." (as if I don't do it on my own most days of the week)

Maybe she could see into the future because today at the grocery store I was one of THOSE moms, you know...the kind who's kids run amuck through the store.  I was in the freezer aisle when I got a call that I HAD to take, meanwhile Selina is playing "hopscotch" on the floor tiles and Chloe kept running away from me.  I know, just terrible. As soon as I was off the phone I picked Chloe up and carried her sideways under my arm straight to the checkout aisle.  I am sure it was quite the sight.

Another quote from the same car ride:

Selina:  "Mom, I miss Dad...I love him the best.  I love you too, I just love Dad the best."

Wow!  If I didn't laugh so hard, I'd be crying.


Maren said...

It's such a funny age! We miss that Selina girl.
I get looks when I carry Cole like a football --but if the kid won't let you hold them and you're trying to make a break for it, what other choice is there?!

Happy Huntings said...

Liz, I can totally sympathize with you. I mean, honestly, kids are so unbelievable. For example, Lauren made up a song to the tune of "If you're happy and you know it." She sings, "If you're awesome and you know it your name is Dad." Her next amazing version is this... "If you like red and you know it your name is Mom." Total let down.