Thursday, December 2, 2010

Big Changes

Right before we left for our trip to Boston, we found out that we are being transferred to Hartford, CT with Jeff's company. We are excited for this move. It is a good step for Jeff's career and it brings us closer to some of our family. We will be 3 hours from my sister Mary and her family, and we will be 1 1/2 hours from my brother Michael and his wife, Nicky. Of course with all of the excitement comes sadness as we close this chapter of our lives. It will be hard to leave the great friends that have become our Texas family. It is bitter-sweet but we feel that it is the right move for us.

We don't know the date that we will be moving yet but Jeff has to report to the Hartford office on January 4th, so we will be moving in the next few weeks, maybe before Christmas even. I thought that we would have a couple of months to prepare for a transfer, but they need him now. So off to Connecticut we go.

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Colette said...

That is exciting for you guys! I am sure you will love the East Coast even more than you loved Texas (but never as much as you loved Hillside!!!).

I have never been to Connecticut you know . . . .