Friday, October 16, 2009

Picture Post

I need to do an update on everything going on here, but I really should be sleeping right now. So for now I am posting a bunch of pictures of the girls that I took a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy! I will be back soon with a big update.

Chloe at about 3 weeks

Selina really didn't want to cooperate on this particular day!


Down By the Bey's said...

They are both so cute. Good job Liz1

Colette said...

You have such beautiful girls! I miss you - I was just telling some friends here in WI stories from back in the day when I actually got to see you. Ahh, the good 'ol memories!!!

Happy Huntings said...

Could they be more adorable? Honestly, Chloe is so gorgeous and Selina--showing her little personality--I love it! She reminds me of Lauren when it comes to taking pictures....the little stinker sits for like 2 seconds, smiles for 1 second, and runs off giggling! Plus, if you say "Don't Smile" then she really won't smile. No matter what. Does that firecracker spirit just run in our awesome Dallin genes? (or maybe jeans, 'cause we really do have awesome jeans). Okay, that's enough jabber.

Cody and Lindz said...

Chloe is so dang cute! Selena is so funny, gotta love the toddler mentality! I wish I could tell you that 3 is better, but I can't lie!