Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jeff's New Airplane

So my crazy husband decided a couple of months ago that he wanted to get back into flying again (he has been flying ultralight airplanes since he was 13). He has been taking some flight lessons so that he can get a license to take other people flying with him. About a month ago he found an airplane that was for sale in Tennessee that was in our price range, so he jumped all over it and the next thing I knew he and our neighbor headed to Tennessee to pick it up. Yesterday we went out to the airport to see him fly it. It was cool to see him fly finally, but at the same time it made me very nervous especially because it was a very windy day and the plane seemed to rock a little bit too much for my comfort. As Jeff put it "Liz almost had a heart attack, or a baby." Jeff admits that it may not have been the best day for me to see him fly for the first time, with all of the wind. I was just relieved to have him back on solid ground, where I wish he would stay but I know he will be right back in the air the next chance he gets.

This is how the plane was transported from Tennessee to Texas:

Here is Jeff ready for takeoff yesterday:

Here is a link to a video from yesterday of Jeff taking off:

I took another video of him landing, but that was the moment that I almost had a heart attack, so it didn't turn out too well. At the end of the video, you can hear me saying something like "did he mean to land there?" He landed on the grass (which he meant to do for a softer landing), but I was expecting him to land on the runway so it worried me a little. Here's the link:

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Maren said...

So, I entered that conversation Jeff was having with Jake too late to understand what it was really about. I just assumed that Jeff was talking about taking flying lessons or something, because who buys a plane? You do! You bought a plane. That's so funny -but really cool too. I had no idea Jeff could fly a plane.... or that it was safe to fly a plane that looks like only a remote control should be flying it. You be careful!