Monday, April 27, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!

We had our ultrasound today and found out we are having another girl!!!!
I am so excited to bring home another one of these bundles:

Selina is going to be a great big sister and I am sure they will be great little buds!


Kelly said...

Hey there cousin! I am so excited for you. You two make cute girls,so I'm sure she will be beautiful. It was so fun to see you and your cute family a couple of weeks ago. We need to have more reunions! Well congrats on having another little princess.

Maren said...

Congratulations!!! Hooray for your family! Selina WILL make a great big sister.
Hope you are feeling good. Love ya.

Ammon and Tara said...

that's so exciting liz! congrats! i've got the boys coming, you've got the girls!

Cody and Lindz said...

Hooray! two of each for you and T! Gorls rock, but I have found out boys do too. Lets face it, babies are just dang cute!