Saturday, December 13, 2008

Great Day

We had a fun-filled, busy Saturday. We woke up and went to a nearby flea market, where we took our time window shopping at all of the booths. There was a wide range of things, from hand-made crafts to antiques to just plain junk. We were even able to visit with Santa. After the flea market, I headed to Hobby Lobby and Ikea (two of my favorite stores) with my friend Shanna (who also happens to live next door). Shanna and I were able to escape during nap time and enjoy a leisurely shopping trip, without chasing 2 two year olds around, it was GREAT! Tonight we went to our ward's Christmas party, where we enjoyed a yummy dinner and had fun with the other ward members. Who could ask for more, really? A day of shopping and having dinner cooked for you, what a great day!

Selina started crying when we tried to sit her on Santa's lap, so Santa told Jeff to sit on his lap with Selina. These are the moments I am glad I have a camera phone!

We watched Andrew tonight so he came along with us to the Christmas party. Selina and Andrew love playing together. They were playing Ring Around the Rosies here.

Everyone in our ward thought they were so cute as they walked around the gym holding hands.


Ashley and Zane said...

I love flea (flee?) markets! I hate how they don't have them in Utah. Sometimes you can find real gems!

Ashley and Zane said...

Happy Anniversary today!!